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Elden Ring Is a Dark Souls Sequel, George R. R. Martin Says

The story of Dark Souls may not be over yet, as Elden Ring would be the canonical sequel to the series, according to George RR Martin.

Elden Ring will be a Dark Souls sequel

With what has been openly stated so far, outside of a common development team and some thematic elements, Dark Souls doesn’t have much to do with Elden Ring, but it is possible that the latter is a sequel to the FromSoftware saga according to a statement by George RR Martin.

You probably remember the name of the writer to the literary saga A Song of Ice and Fire, which has drawn HBO’s Game of Thrones (by us The swords Throne). His entry into the gaming world caused a sensation precisely for the realistic look with which he would have treated fantasy, but now it seems to be very specific.

So it is possible that Elden Ring offers us a look “in a George RR Martin key” at a fantasy world already dark of its own. The writer talked about the game during a recent interview, but the canonicity of the project is the least of the details.

The Elden Ring News Twitter profile, which previously accurately predicted the game’s debut at the Summer Game Fest, reported an excerpt from the interview with the highlights. We report it below to give you the opportunity to consult the interview.

Elden Ring will release on January 21, 2022, on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.