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Elden Ring Closed Beta Codes Are Already Being Resold At Exorbitant Prices

Elden Ring closed beta access codes are already on sale. Many people are selling the Network Test keys of the title at auctions.

As the closed beta of the highly anticipated Elden Ring is about to begin, some people are not worried about reselling their closed beta codes for money. There is no doubt that Elden Ring is the most anticipated game of the moment. And the news that surrounds it proves us more than ever right. Find out all the details below.

People Are Reselling Their Elden Ring Closed Beta Access Codes at Exorbitant Prices

elden ring closed beta codes started selling at auctions

According to reports, some players have put their Elden Ring closed beta access codes on sale, which starts this Friday on November 12, 2021.

FromSoftware is organizing what it calls a Closed Network Test for the title, a step that will allow the development studio to test the strength of Elden Ring servers – designed in collaboration with George RR Martin. The catch? It is not accessible to everyone and only a handful of selected players will be able to participate in the game (after registering through a form available online and which can no longer be completed).

This closed aspect, coupled with infatuation, can create frustration in the most impatient players. An opportunity to make money for the scalpers.

This phenomenon seems to mainly affect Japan, with auction sites like Yahoo! Auctions offering Elden Ring closed beta keys at a very high price. Some keys are sold at 10,000 yen, or a little over $90.

Bandai Namco should take measures to prevent these resales, even if it means banning the accounts of the culprits. “It is prohibited to sell or resell the code or the game data for the network test to others,” reads the conditions of the Closed Network Test.

These practices to be condemned are unfortunately common in the world of video games, where the slightest rare object can become a source of profit for some users. What do you think about it?