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Alan Wake 2 Echo Police Car Location – Hard Case Orb

In Initiation 2: CASEY there is a orb in the underground train station. Here is what to do with that.

Alan Wake 2 is full of mysteries and hidden objectives. A few of them are found in Initiation 2: CASEY when you enter a subway. There is a yellow taxi parked and just above that you will see something written on a wall in red. It has a mysterious orb and nothing happens if you point your flashlight on it. It is a puzzle and in this guide, I will show you how to solve it. Also, you can check out the Alan Wake 2 Echo Police Car and what to do with the Orb.

Where to find Echo Police Car in Alan Wake 2?

Alan Wake 2 Orb Location

After entering the subway make your way until you find a Police Officer Tim. Just before that while following the yellow arrow signs you will see an Orb. It is just flashing on a text sign and just below that is a yellow taxi.

Alan Wake 2 Taxi Location

After talking to the officer who will offer you to take some supplies, exit the room and go downstairs. Take a right turn and turn left instantly you will see stairs. On your right is one Word of Power, collect it then continue towards the sign. A wooden platform and a door on the left end with Lost written over it.

Alan Wake 2 Orb Puzzle

Alan Wake 2 Orb Puzzle

Clear up the enemies and just before entering the door look for a ladder on the left. Climb up and use your flashlight, align the light with the Orb to collect it. Just align it over the orb and then it will disappear. You will hear echoes of Casey talking to you.

Alan Wake 2 Police Car Orb

To proceed further go near the Taxi and use the Angel Lamp. The taxi will turn into a police car and will play a loud siren. The noise attracts nearby enemies and finishes them off. That’s it, you can now proceed with the chapter. This is just the start of the chapter there is still a lot to explore. There are a few more echo points ahead in the level, try to follow the same strategy to collect them. That is align the light by standing near the echo points.

Alan Wake 2 is full of puzzles which are sometimes tough to solve. For more help, you can check our Alan Wake 2 guide section.