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Dry Drowning Launches February 22 for Nintendo Switch

The investigative thriller, Dry Drowning, published by the Italian Leonardo Interactive, owner of the VLG Publishing label, in collaboration with Studio V, will officially arrive on the hybrid console of Nintendo Switch.

Dry Drowning, this is the name of the work, will be officially available on Nintendo Switch starting this February 22, 2021, in less than a week. The game, set in the year 2066, is a psychological thriller-themed visual novel set in the dystopian city of Nova Polemos.

Dry Drowning players will be immersed in a capillary network of mysteries and murders inspired by Greek mythology. There will be deep themes such as racism, immigration, sexism, and others, which make this product a decidedly mature title and not for everyone.

Of particular importance is the system that manages the investigation element, allowing the player to find out if the interlocutor is really telling the truth or not thanks to a series of game mechanics that we will not reveal now.

Check the overview of the game below, via VLG Publishing:

Key Features

  • Choices that really matter: More than 150 story branches and three completely different endings.
  • Moral choices that impact character relationships and the game environment across a potential 20 hours of gameplay.
  • Elaborate clue system for investigations: Learn about the city of Nova Polemos and its citizens through dialogue, evidence, items, and character biographies.
  • Horror style interrogations: Use evidence to reconstruct cases, break people’s masks of deception, and uncover the truth with Dry Drowning’s “Living Nightmare” system.
  • Explore flashbacks and past cases to solve new ones.
  • Dynamic soundtrack with more than 40 dramatic and emotional tracks.
  • A balanced mix of Western and Eastern visual arts, casting light on a grim futuristic setting where cyberpunk and retro elements harmoniously coexist.