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Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Alpha Gameplay and Images Leaked

A new leak has revealed the first gameplay video of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, including some images that contains the menu screen of the game.

A new sensational leak hit BioWare during the weekend, as it seems that the first video clip showing the gameplay of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, the long-awaited new chapter in the RPG saga, has emerged online along with some images that even show the menu screen of the title as well. Check out the complete details below.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Alpha Gameplay and Images Leaked Online

Dragon Age Dreadwolf Alpha Gameplay and Images Leaks

According to reports, a new leak has arrived via Reddit user “revanchisto”, who confirmed that he received a long gameplay video of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf of about 20 minutes that is in the alpha stage right now, but that will remain private for now. The sequel to Dragon Age: Inquisition is in fact currently in the testing phase and would have now entered a playable state, even if the developers have still decided to remain silent on the news of the new chapter.

However, to confirm the veracity of his statements, he also shared a short gameplay video clip lasting about 7-8 seconds showing us one of the in-game battles, which you can view below. Along with the video, you can also mouse hover over the video and click on the next (arrow) key to view all the images including the menu screen of the title.


According to what was revealed by the leaker, and as is actually visible in the video clip, the title will have a playability similar to that of a normal hack and slash, thus reducing the strategic options typical of an RPG.

Indeed, it seems that all the combats will take place in real-time, with mechanics inspired by God of War on PS4. The insider also points out that party control has not been shown, suggesting that this feature may have been cut.

The animations have also been significantly improved compared to the previous chapters, also confirming that it will be an entirely single-player game, as per tradition for the saga.

The insider has decided to report these rumors after reading Tom Henderson’s report that was reported earlier, thus giving new credibility to what was reported and confirming that the release in 2023 appears, at present, really unlikely.

The leak would therefore have confirmed that there is currently a playable version of Dragon Age Dreadwolf, even if it is naturally not available to the general public. We will see if further announcements will arrive in the coming weeks.

However, it must be said that the development could encounter some inevitable hitches, as very important developers, known above all for their contribution to the Mass Effect trilogy, left the company a few days ago.

At the moment Electronic Arts and BioWare have not yet commented on the sensational leak and the respective indiscretions, but we will keep you promptly updated if further news should emerge.