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Dragon Age 4 Will Be Set in Tevinter, BioWare Book Confirms

BioWare’s development book probably confirms Tevinter as the location of the new Dragon Age 4 title. Several artworks also provide information on other regions that you can explore in the game.

The book by video game developer BioWare, published in November, contains various concept art that contains several references to the location of the new Dragon Age title. According to Tom Philips, an editor at Eurogamer, one of these points clearly that the new Dragon Age 4 will be set in Tevinter.

This is a location that was already presented in the “Inquisition” download expansion. There have been rumors in the past about Tevinter as the location of the next title.

Other concepts show that there are apparently more regions waiting for you in the fourth part. For example, one sees Antiva City on the artwork, a city surrounded by water that borders on Tavinter in the east. Other works of art in the book show a treasure hunter’s guild that was founded in Rivain or the so-called Deep Roads that run through all of Thedas.

Another artwork shows a necropolis located in Nevarra. An area that is located south of Tevinter. The residents are known to mummify deceased people. New scenes from the game were last shown at The Game Awards 2020. Among other things, a new hero and some of the new locations will be presented there.

The development of Dragon Age 4 is bumpy because it had to be restarted several times and important developers were replaced. In any case, it will take a long time until the release. The game will probably not be on the market before April 2022.