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Dragon Age 4: New Artwork Shows An Archer

Christian Dailey, the studio manager of BioWare’s Austin office, posted a fresh artwork for the upcoming role-playing game Dragon Age 4 via Twitter. This shows an archer in action.

BioWare is currently not only working feverishly on the revision of the technically and playfully disappointing loot shooter Anthem. In addition, the role-playing game Dragon Age 4 has been in development for a long time, although not too many details have been given yet.

As a little consolation, Christian Dailey, studio manager of BioWare Austin, put a fresh artwork for Dragon Age 4 into circulation via Twitter. This shows an archer in action.

Since the creative minds of BioWare continue to refrain from giving concrete information, we can currently only speculate which adventures we are facing in the new Dragon Age. At the end of 2019, the studio could have already indicated with a corresponding teaser that our path in the next chapter of the Dragon Age saga leads to the province of Tevinter.

With the country’s decadent nobility still refusing to abolish slavery, Tevinter is despised and shunned by all other modern nations in the world of Dragon Age. At the same time, the region functions as a center for the black market, smuggling and slave trade. Tevinter protects himself from possible attacks by his neighbors with a powerful force.

It is still unclear when and for which platforms Dragon Age 4 will be released. According to the responsible publisher Electronic Arts, the only thing that is certain so far is that we should not expect a release of the fantasy adventure before April 2022.