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How To Improve Gold Per Minute (GPM) Farming In Dota 2

Here are the best tips to improve your Gold Per Minute or GPM farming in Dota 2.

When being a carry or support for your entire team in Dota 2, farming Gold becomes essential to your playthrough. You need Gold to purchase key items necessary to survive and win. However, improving or getting better in farming Gold per minute or GPM becomes a tougher challenge as you progress. For those who don’t know, GPM is typically the total gold you’ve been earning on the map for every minute. Quite obviously, the more the GPM, the more Gold you will farm every minute. But as a carry player, is it possible to stack or farm more Gold?

Don’t worry, we have compiled the best tips to improve the Gold per minute in Dota 2. You can follow these strategies to get better at farming quickly. So, here’s everything you need to know about it.

Best Tips to Raise Gold Per Minute Farming in Dota 2

Focus on Killing Lane Creeps

Considering the Lane creeps provide more Gold and EXP, we recommend prioritizing these enemies. Although lane creeps can be a bit challenging to defeat, you can equip the Quelling blade to increase your Attack damage. Whenever you travel to safe spots in the Jungle, search and farm the jungle creeps for Gold. The more creeps you kill, the more Gold you will farm as you progress. That said, you can eliminate and farm waves of creeps with your teammates. You can find these waves near towers.

Use the Town Portal Scroll

When the odds are against you, the Town Portal scroll is an item that teleports you to a friendly building instantly. But how can it help you improve farming Gold per minute in Dota 2? If you see any Lane Creeps or other enemies entering your tower, you can use this item to teleport over there. You can also use this item if you are teammates are solely defending the tower. So, we suggest keeping a Town Portal scroll in the hotbar for quick access.

dota 2 improve gold per minute gpm farming
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Know when to Leave Lane and Tower

Speaking of which, one must know when to stop farming Lane and Towers. Rather than defending “Tower I” which is out of your reach, we suggest it’s time to give up and assign your team to Tier 2 Tower. It might be possible to defeat and farm at least 2-3 creeps down the line. If you are playing a carry or support, it is better recommended to farm Jungle creeps. As you reach there, you can farm early EXP and Gold.

Use the Philosopher’s Stone

If you want to ramp up the Gold per minute stats, you must obtain Philosopher’s Stone in Dota 2. It is a Tier 2 neutral item that is usually dropped by the neutral creeps. Once you equip this item, it increases the GPM to a total of 165 Gold per minute. Luckily, it also stacks with other items that improve your GPM. On top of offering reliable gold, it also works while being dead.

Ask your Teammates to Stack

You can ask your teammates to stack if you are carrying the game with farming cores. For that, stacking the Ancient camp is the best way to raise your GPM in no time. Using the innate abilities of these core heroes, you can farm plenty of creeps sooner than you expect. While not all of your teammates will stack or farm, you can at least ask some of them when you are carrying.

dota 2 improve gold per minute gpm farming
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That’s all covered about how to improve your Gold per minute farming in Dota 2. If you liked and found this guide helpful, explore more Gaming-related guides in our dedicated section right here on TechnClub.