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Doom Eternal Horde Mode Available Soon, Invasion Mode Canceled

ID Software recently revealed that you will have to forego the announced invasion mode in Doom Eternal, instead as a replacement, you will get a horde mode in the near future, in which you will compete alone against numerous hordes of opponents.

Doom Eternal horde mode available soon

The canceled invasion mode of Doom Eternal was based on the multiplayer of the Dark Souls series. The idea of ​​the developers was to immerse you in the campaigns of other players and hunt them down like a demon.

Due to the long-term consequences of the corona pandemic and the relocation to the home office, ID Software is now concentrating on the aforementioned horde mode and a revision of the battle mode, in which you can play with two friends. While one player slips into the role of the Demon Slayer, the other two take control of two demons.

The developer writes on their own website: “We’re confident this horde mode will offer you more of the diversity and challenge you’re looking for in the game. In addition, the team continues to work on a refresh of BATTLEMODE that includes a more competitive, rank-based structure, a number of gameplay and balance updates and another new map.”

Further information is to be announced at this year’s Quakecon from Bethesda Softworks, which takes place in August. The executive producer is proud that, despite the difficult development time, several updates and enhancements have been released in the last 15 months.

Doom Eternal was released on March 20th last year for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, and PC.