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DokeV Pokémon-style Game Release Date, Gameplay Trailer, Platforms, & More

In time for Gamescom 2021, the Pokémon-style game DokeV developed by Pearl Abyss was shown in a new gameplay trailer. In addition, the South Korean development studio pointed out that the plan to settle “DokeV” in the MMO genre has been refrained from.

DokeV Pokémon-style open-world action-adventure game announced

One of the various titles with which Nintendo’s legendary Pokémon series is to be challenged is DokeV. The game is created by the Black Desert makers of Pearl Abyss and should initially see itself as a classic MMO.

As the South Korean studio announced on the occasion of the Opening Night Live event for Gamescom 2021 yesterday evening, the developers decided to revise the game design again. “DokeV was initially introduced as an MMO, but we decided to move the game in a different direction and it’s now a creature-collecting open-world action-adventure,” the developers said on Twitter. However, nothing has changed in terms of the basic game concept.

DokeV Synopsis

In DokeV, you take control of a child-like character and explore a game world that is dominated by the giant corporation known as The Company and its robots. One of the special features of the robots in question is the fact that their AI chips are operated with captured ghost beings that bear the name Dokebi. Here we are dealing with mysterious creatures that are inspired by Korean folklore.

In the world of DokeV, only a few people have the necessary senses to perceive the Dokebi beings. Your character has this ability and is able to capture and train the Dokebi. In addition to collecting the Dokebi, DokeV has secondary tasks such as fishing or the extraction of resources.

DokeV Release Date and Gameplay Trailer

The newly released gameplay trailer gives you a detailed look at the new work from Pearl Abyss. DokeV will be released in 2022 for the PC platform and unspecified consoles.