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Does Splitgate Have Battle Royale Mode?

Is Splitgate going to get a Battle Royale Mode? Check the answers of the developers below.

Among the many game modes already present in Splitgate, one of the battle royale modes is missing in the title. Some users have asked the developers directly if there is also the addition of a similar kind of mode in Splitgate among the team’s projects, however, 1047 Games replied that the implementation of this mode is not in the studio’s plans.

Will Splitgate Get a Battle Royale Game Mode?

We know how the market and at the same time the trend dedicated to battle royale rises dramatically, even to exponents of the genre such as Apex Legends, Call of Duty Warzone, Fortnite, and many others.

Although Splitgate is proving to be an incredible success, which is a free-to-play arena shooter fps title, the developers have revealed some details on a possible battle royale mode.

At present, the developers do not have the slightest interest in implementing a battle royale mode in Splitgate. In fact, many players were worried about seeing battle royale in their favorite title, however, 1047 Games later said “never say never”, which could mean that in the future such a mode could come to the title, but not at this time.

Splitgate has been a success for 1047 Games studio, to the point where the development team has repeatedly encountered problems with game servers. The development team of the title has various plans for it and intends to release this game for as many platforms as possible.

Splitgate is a free multiplayer shooter available for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and PC consoles.