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How Long To Beat Disco Elysium

Riddled by the playtime of this mystery game? Here's where you can find out how long it takes to beat Disco Elysium.

Featuring an open world with dialogue-heavy gameplay mechanics, Disco Elysium is a groundbreaking isometric role-playing game that has been widely acclaimed by critics and players. While originally this game was released only on PC, it was later released on other platforms in 2021. As you explore the district of Martinaise and the days go by, many players are confused about how long to beat Disco Elysium.

Don’t worry, here’s where you can find out the total playtime of Disco Elysium and how many days are there. So, here’s everything you need to know about this game.

How Long is Disco Elysium?

How Long to Beat Disco Elysium
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Based on the stats provided by the HowLongToBeat website, it can take you 23 hours when focussing on the main objectives or storyline. If you want to speedrun through this course, players can also rush and clear Disco Elysium in 16-18 hours. But if you wish to explore all the aspects of this game including the side quests with a 100% completion, it can take you around 47-48 hours.

So, here’s the polled results by HowLongtoBeat website:

PlayStyle Type Average Median Rushed Leisure
Main Story 24h 4m 22h 25m 16h 37m 37h 23m
Main + Extras 33h 34m 31h 20m 22h 5m 73h 43m
Completionist 47h 5m 44h 31m 34h 54m 70h 29m
All PlayStyles 32h 53m 30h 10m 20h 46m 73h 16m

Adding on to the above results, note that there is no specific playtime to beat Disco Elysium. It all depends on your playstyle, choices, and experience. It can take one to complete this game in 90 hours while for some players it may take 16 to 20 hours.

How Many Days are there in Disco Elysium?

Disco Elysium has 10 playable days in total with each of them making players fully occupied. But you don’t need to play all 10 days since you can complete the main questline by Day 5. However, playing all ten days will allow you to explore new areas, characters, and quests with an intense storyline.

Having said that, some side-quests can be completed specifically only on particular days. So, if you are a completionist, you might have to go through the ten days.

That’s everything covered about how long to beat Disco Elysium. If you liked and found this guide helpful, explore more Gaming-related Guides in our dedicated section right here on Technclub.