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Diablo 4 Damage Colors – Explained

Here's an article explaining the meaning behind different colors damage in Diablo 4. White, Yellow, blue, orange.

Diablo is a straightforward game that doesn’t have as much complexity to play with. As we know, there are multiple types of damages one can strike in Diablo 4. However, if you want to know which damage you managed to hit the opponent, it is only possible with colored damage text above the enemy. They are White, Yellow, Blue, and Orange, but the question is what damage these colors represent. Since there are no other indicators to know about it while on the battlefield. This article will explain, what damage these colors represent in Diablo 4.

Different Damage Colors Text in Diablo 4 Explained

As mentioned earlier, there are four different damage indicator colors in Diablo 4. They are White, Yellow, Blue, and Orange representing a specific type of damage. Below is a brief explanation of each of them.

White Color Damage in Diablo 4

White Color Damage in Diablo 4

The White color text damage in Diablo 4 represents Base damage. This is the standard damage that you put on your enemy when you hit them. These don’t have any special needs and generally come out upon just standard hits.

Yellow Color Damage in Diablo 4

Yellow Color Damage in Diablo 4

The Yellow color text depicts critical damage. In Diablo 4 your hits have the possibility of critically striking your enemy. This is based on your Critical Strike Chance stat. Additionally, Critical Strike Damage can be increased with the help of weapons and rings. All classes in Diablo 4 have a baseline of 50% bonus damage while achieving a Critical strike.

Blue Color Damage

Blue Color Damage in Diablo 4

The Blue color text indicates Overpower damage, it is extra damage you can strike on top of your base damage. It is the sum of your character’s current Hit Point and Fortify Hit Point. However, the chances of striking overpower damage are flat at 3%. This damage can be guaranteed through specific weapon effects, etc., and not to forget, 3% cannot be increased by any means. Additionally, you can refer to this article to learn in-depth about Overpower Damage in Diablo 4.

Orange Color Damage

Orange color Damage

If you manage to achieve a critical hit while dealing with Overpower damage, that’s Critical Overpower damage represented with yellow color text. This damage in Diablo 4 is much like critical damage, where if you strike overpower damage to your enemy, and if it is also a critical hit, you shoot critical overpower damage to your opponent. Although, the chance of achieving this critically overpower damage hit is slim.

That’s pretty much everything covered for Diablo 4 damage colors meaning. In the meantime, you can check out our other guides on Diablo 4 like How to Play Diablo 4 on Mac, or if you are facing an Error Code 316719 with Diablo 4 Learn here How to Fix it.