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How to Fix Deathloop Stuttering Issues on PC?

Follow this guide to fix Deathloop stuttering and lagging issues on your PC.

Deathloop has now been launched both on PS5 and PC. Although many players on PlayStation 5 are satisfied with the game, it turns out that PC players are actually complaining about stuttering issues of Deathloop. Due to this problem, the current rating for the Deathloop game on Steam is Mixed, even though the game got a perfect score from well-known video game sites like IGN to GameSpot. Let us find out how to solve the stuttering issues of Deathloop on PC.

Deathloop Stuttering Issues Fix on PC

Deathloop PC Stuttering Fix

It was stated that many Deathloop players on PC via Steam experienced problems such as crashes to stuttering. It was predicted that the problem occurs because of the Denuvo anti-cheat software commonly used in PC games, however, that is not the case as explained below.

According to Digital Foundry, the stuttering issues of Deathloop on PC are not caused by the Denuvo anti-piracy DRM, as confirmed by Alexander Battaglia. Infact, the issue is actually occurring due to framerate and mouse input controls.

Here’s how to fix Deathloop Stuttering Issues on PC:

  • First of all, you need to turn off Vsync in Deathloop by going into the game’s Settings.
  • After turning it off, the frame limiter cannot be turned off. So try to set it to the highest value of 120 frame rates.
  • After that, go to your desktop and open Nvidia Control Panel.
  • In Nvidia Control Panel, add Deathloop’s application and go into its program settings and turn on Vsync.
  • Lastly, also try to limit the frame rate to 60 FPS.

After performing the above fix, the stuttering issues of Deathloop on your PC should be resolved. However, if you are still facing the same problem, you will have to wait for an updated patch that will be released by Bethesda, as confirmed by one of the company’s representatives recently on Reddit:

“Hey all, I’m one of the DEATHLOOP Community Managers, and while those burgers do look great, regarding performance we are aware of reports that some PC users are experiencing stuttering issues in DEATHLOOP. We’re actively investigating the issue right now as a priority, and will update you with more specific information as soon as possible.”