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Death Stranding Director’s Cut Gets Rated for PS5, Possibly Not Coming to PS4?

While many saw Hideo Kojima’s presence at Summer Game Fest as a potential announcement of his brand new project, it didn’t. In fact, a Director’s Cut version of his latest game, Death Stranding, was revealed to the public.

If no precise date of Death Stranding Director’s Cut release was mentioned, the platform of the PlayStation 5 as exclusive support seems to be confirmed according to the ESRB, an organization responsible for the classification of video games.

Released in November 2019 on PS4, then in July 2020 on PC, Death Stranding is about to return to the forefront with a revised version to stick a little more to the vision of its creator: Hideo Kojima.

Despite just announcing “coming soon” at the conclusion of its announcement trailer, the ESRB seems to confirm the PlayStation 5 as the exclusive platform for the release of the new game.

This re-release will also feature revamped and additional scenes, adding a touch of maturity visibly strayed from the original release.

It is also worth paying attention to the mentioned platform, which is only PS5. Could the game discussed in the news be not available on PS4 and PC? In any case, it is very possible that we would be able to play Death Stranding Director’s Cut on PC only later, due to a possible temporary exclusive agreement.