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Sony’s Death Stranding Could Be Coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC

Microsoft might be teasing Death Stranding for PC Game Pass, the PlayStation exclusive title released during November 2019.

The official Twitter account of Xbox Game Pass for PC has changed its profile picture to something that looks a lot like the views of Death Stranding, Kojima’s latest masterpiece. So, it seems that soon fans of Hideo Kojima will discover the Kojima Productions’ first game coming to Game Pass on PC. Check out the complete details below.

Death Stranding Coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC

death stranding coming to xbox game pass for pc

Xbox Game Pass undoubtedly offers a large number of free games for all subscribers of the Microsoft service, although the indiscretion that has emerged now will delight fans of Hideo Kojima.

The Game Pass catalog basically offers many games for free, even on PC Game Pass. Spreading the list of all free games currently confirmed for 2023 on Xbox Game Pass, surely the best is yet to come. Now, after the new free games for the second half of August were revealed yesterday, it’s time for some news that, if confirmed, would be really very interesting.

As per reports, Death Stranding could arrive on Xbox Game Pass, or at least the version of the service intended for PC users: the clue comes from the new profile image that appeared on the Twitter account of the PC Game Pass Twitter account, which shows a landscape very similar to that of the video game by Kojima Productions.

The new image, therefore, suggests the arrival of the game in the catalog, perhaps as early as next September (or, why not, the end of August). The account changed its profile pic to the image that you can find below and then tweeted “sometimes we just like a good landscape picture #NewProfilePic.”

While the image doesn’t feature any recognizable landmarks from the game, the misty, lush, and rocky mountain landscape fits perfectly with that seen in Death Stranding.

However, remember that this is the PC Game Pass account, not the Xbox Game Pass. Furthermore, none of the company’s other Twitter accounts have hinted at anything, nor changed their profile picture. We will obviously keep you updated as soon as we know more.