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Death Stranding 2 Release Window Leaked by Senior Artist

According to a Senior Artist from PlayStation Studios Visual Arts, the release window of Death Stranding 2 has been scheduled for 2024.

It looks like the wait for Death Stranding 2 — or DS2 — may not be too far away: in fact, an update from the project’s senior artist on his official profile may have leaked the release window of the title in the past few hours. At the moment Hideo Kojima has not yet officially revealed when the Death Stranding sequel will be released, but the release window year may have already been leaked by mistake via the Artstation page of one of the artists involved. Check out the complete details below.

Death Stranding 2 Release Window Leaked

death stranding 2 release window leaked

According to a post on ResetEra, a senior artist from PlayStation Studios Visual Arts, currently working on the sequel, leaked Death Stranding 2’s release window.

Scrolling through his official productions it was possible to see Death Stranding 2 up until a few hours ago, naturally reported as a “working title” but which, according to what was declared on the page, would be released in 2024.

However, it seems that the senior artist noticed the error quickly enough, removing any possible trace of the second chapter of Kojima Productions after the information was leaked on the web, but not before ResetEra users were able to share a screenshot to confirm the discovery.

If the indiscretion were confirmed, it would mean that it would be necessary to wait another two years to find out how the narrative of Hideo Kojima’s new title will continue.

Of course, we can only invite you to take everything reported here with due precautions, but we will keep you promptly updated on our website should we receive further news on the Death Stranding 2 release date.

Hideo Kojima has recently decided to reveal some small first details in the next chapter of the saga, which according to his words “will not be the usual sequel”. The first Death Stranding had split public opinion in two ways: a feature claimed by the director, who underlines how logical it is that some people may not like this type of production. We’ll see if anything will change with the second chapter or if, as seems likely, Kojima Productions will continue with the same reflexive and slower approach.