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Days Gone PC Release Date Confirmed, New Gameplay Revealed

As it is very well known, Sony Bend’s action title Days Gone will also be released for the PC. Today both the final release date and a fresh gameplay trailer for the PC version of Days Gone were published.

Days Gone PC release date and new gameplay

After PlayStation exclusive titles such as Horizon: Zero Dawn found their way to the PC in the past, Days Gone was also confirmed for a PC release a few weeks ago.

On the official PlayStation Blog, Sony Interactive Entertainment and the developers of Sony Bend today announced the release date of the PC version and announced that the title will be available from May 18, 2021, for digital platforms such as Steam and the Epic Games Store.

In keeping with the announcement of the release date, a new gameplay trailer for the PC version of Days Gone was published, in which the features offered are discussed in more detail.

While the well-known fare from the PlayStation 4 is offered in a playful way, Days Gone has received various technical improvements on the PC – including support for ultra-wide-screen monitors in the 21:9 format. There is also the option of making various optimizations to the graphical representation via the settings of the PC version.

The setting options include an increased level of detail, greater visibility, a denser foliage display, and other graphic adjustments. At the same time, you can choose whether you want to play the game on PC with the official PlayStation controllers, third-party pads, or a combination of mouse and keyboard.

Also included is a photo mode that can be used to capture high-resolution images and share them with the community.

Did you know that a petition was started to revive the much rumored Days Gone 2 title, which was actually canceled by Sony itself?