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Days Gone: Bend Studio Teases fans Waiting for a Sequel

Bend Studio posted an image on Twitter of singer and actress Rina Sawayama as a character from Days Gone riding a motorcycle.

Days Gone has never been forgotten by fans, who have never stopped hoping for a sequel which, unfortunately, will never happen. The game has been received quite well, managing to find the favor of a large number of fans. Check out the complete information below.

Days Gone: Bend Studio Teases Fans Waiting for a Sequel

Days Gone Sequel

Even if Sony has said no to a Days Gone 2 (sequel), however, it seems that Bend Studio continues to tease fans with quite obvious posts. According to reports now, in fact, Bend Studio recently posted an image on Twitter of singer and actress Rina Sawayama as a character from Days Gone riding a motorcycle.

The tweet reads: “Fueled up and ready to hit the Broken Road, @rinasawayama jumps on the Drifter bike to brave the dangerous world of Days Gone in the latest PlayStation Playmakers announcement. #Bend30”.

You can understand how fans were immediately quite confused by the post. Some thought that a sequel to Days Gone with a new protagonist had finally been announced.

Others thought it was a photo from a film adaptation. The presence of the word “announcement” and the hashtag celebrating the studio’s third anniversary made it seem like a big deal at first glance.

In fact, the image is part of a larger PlayStation marketing campaign that puts video game-loving celebrities into the world of some of their favorite games.

Staying on the subject, at the moment we don’t know what Bend Studio is working on, however, it is rumored that the team is currently working on a new chapter of Uncharted. In fact, a short segment of the clip (published below) shows an unidentified game, which however closely resembles the style of Uncharted. At 0:43 of the video, a girl can be seen walking toward some kind of artifact in a cave, holding a flashlight.

Certainly, the adventuress does not appear to be Lara Croft, so much so that it could actually be Cassie, the daughter of Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher. And speculations that Cassie will be the new protagonist of the Uncharted series have multiplied following her appearance in the ending of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.