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Days Gone 2: Petition Started to Revive The Game from Alleged Cancellation

Days Gone 2, which should have been the sequel to the title released in 2019 developed by Sony Bend Studio, continues to be discussed due to the alleged cancellation and, in response, players have launched a petition in protest.

The rumors involving Days Gone 2 have been going on for some time and had as their epilogue yesterday, when the well-known journalist Jason Schreier of the Bloomberg media spoke about the internal situation of Sony, between the remake of The Last of Us, the cancellation of Days Gone 2 and possible internal problems during the development of a new Uncharted game.

The collection of signatures, in fact, is taking place on the well-known Change.org website and, at the time of writing, it has 4101 signatures. A large number, if you think that the controversial news was launched only a day ago. In short, the desire of users not to want to give up this title is evident.

Sony, for its part, it is good to remember, has never confirmed or denied the rumors that have been going on for days. The only official statement arrived on this affair belongs to Jeff Ross, director of the game, who, through his Twitter account, said:

“Hey all, thanks for reaching out with all the support. I’m not able to confirm or deny anything, so please understand if I like one of your Tweets all it means is I saw it and appreciate it–and nothing else. Love you guys.”

We are just waiting for a positive response for the game to be developed, as much as loved by the PlayStation community and players.