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Crysis 4 First Image Leaked Online Ahead of Official Announcement

Crytek has published the first teaser trailer of Crysis 4 along with the first image of the title.

Crysis 4 seems to be in development, according to a leaked image of the title published online. As per reports, the announcement of Crysis 4 was made ahead of time on the Chinese social media of the company. Later, Crytek made it official by publishing a teaser trailer of the game. Check the first image and teaser trailer of Crysis 4 below.

Crysis 4 First Image and Teaser Trailer

crysis 4 first image

Initially, an entry mentioning the fourth part of the shooter series, Crysis 4, appeared on the official Crytek page on the Chinese social network BiliBili, but it was soon deleted. Some journalists were among the first to pay attention to it.

The post itself said that “The Crysis 4 project is confirmed”, and the developers should share news about it later. Also, BiliBili published an image with a logo – on it, you can see an abandoned helmet from a nanosuit.

Later, Crytek published the first full-fledged teaser of the game – among other things, it also contains a frame with a helmet. At the end of the video, there is a call to “Join the journey. Become the hero.” Apparently, work on Crysis 4 is in its early stages and the studio is still recruiting a team.

The possible release of Crysis 4 was reported back in the fall of 2020 – then hackers leaked information about five unannounced Crytek games online. The documents reported that Crysis 4 was supposed to be released in 2021, but the developers did not officially announce the development until the last moment.

Crysis 3, the last numbered game in the series to date, was released on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 almost 9 years ago – in February 2013.

The original Crysis was released on PC in 2007, and in subsequent years three more games were released – a stand-alone Warhead add-on and two licensed parts of the series. In 2021, the entire main trilogy was re-released on PC and consoles.

Here’s the first teaser trailer of Crysis 4: