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Crash Team Rumble Release Date Potentially Leaked

Some online stores may have leaked the release date of Crash Team Rumble in advance.

The debut of Crash Team Rumble, the new crazy spin-off of the Crash Bandicoot saga, could be even closer than expected since a British retail store could in fact have leaked the official release date of the new chapter in advance. Check out the complete information below.

Crash Team Rumble Release Date Leaks Out

Crash Team Rumble Release Date Leaked

Unlike the main chapters of the saga, this new spin-off, Crash Team Rumble, will feature 4vs4 team battles with the most famous heroes and villains of the series, in crazy reckless challenges in the style of Crash Bash, albeit with some profound differences.

After months sprinkled with clues, some of which came directly from the developers, the existence of this new game was finally confirmed with a dedicated trailer during the past The Game Awards, also revealing that the release is scheduled for 2023.

However, the release may not be far away, as according to reports, one “Canadian Guy Eh” Twitter user has in fact reported that the British store “Hit” has already opened pre-orders for Crash Team Rumble, also mentioning April 4 as a possible release date.

Furthermore, some users have reported that this would not be the only advertisement available, as the Tiny Robot Online store would have even “anticipated” the launch date, reporting March 17, 2023, instead.

The advertisements also allow us to discover that the indicative price could be around 70 euros or even 80 euros. Considering that it should be a mainly multiplayer spin-off, there are quite a few fans who have already spoken of a potentially excessive price, if it were actually confirmed.

If these rumors are confirmed, it could mean that the launch of Crash Team Rumble could take place as early as the end of April, much earlier than many fans could have imagined.

Naturally, given the very unconfirmed nature of this leak, we can only invite you to take everything with the necessary precautions and wait for any official updates, which we will promptly report to you on our website TechNClub.com.