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Counter-Strike 2 Beta Leaked, Offline Play Available Now

Counter-Strike 2 was announced earlier in the week, but an unfinished beta version of the game has apparently ended up online.

Counter-Strike 2 beta exists, given that Valve has recently made it official with a release date, to the delight of the shooter lovers in question. Putting aside Valorant, a real rival of the Valve title, players apparently know which title to look towards. Check out the complete information about Counter-Strike 2 below.

Counter-Strike 2 Beta Leaked

Counter-Strike 2 Beta Leaks

According to a report by a Twitter user “Artie Yamamoto”, someone would already be already playing Counter-Strike 2 Beta thanks to a leak of a very illegal torrent file. The first-person shooter title will therefore give a nice jolt to the genre it belongs to, since we are talking about a title that can be played totally free of charge, which is not too bad.

CS2 was announced earlier in the week and fans have been freaking out trying to join the limited-access test. Testing began the same day the game was announced, with invites being sent out to Steam players based on several criteria.

One of them is game length, which has led to some players going AFK during matches just to rack up more time. The hype for CS2 has become so strong that some have even created fake YouTube accounts, then leading unsuspecting users to phishing sites.

As noted by Twitter user Artie Yamamoto, there is also now a torrent version of Counter-Strike 2 that can only be played via emulation, although this would be an older version of the game without full multiplayer but with a single-player campaign, as well as allowing you to play local matches via LAN.

The leaked version of CS2 likely came from someone who received the test invite and then packaged the files and released them online, illegally. Counter-Strike 2 will be a free update when it arrives this summer, so there’s no rush to get our hands on the game now, in this form.