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Connected Accessory Is Not Authorized Xbox Error Fix

Microsoft is going hard on third-party accessories like controllers, expansion cards, componentst parts, etc.

Xbox will not be supporting unofficial accessories from November 12, 2023 onwards. That means if you connect a non-official Xbox controller to your console you will see an Error 0x82d60002 – Connected Accessory is not authorized. This could be annoying for old Xbox users who use third-party controllers, storage cards, etc. As the firmware update is not rolled out here is what to do if you are dealing with the error.

Xbox Error 0x82d60002 Fix

Xbox Controller Update

For a while, unless you are using an expensive accessory with your Xbox controller stop the updates. Do it manually later on, when you have purchased an official Xbox controller from the Xbox site. There are many cheaper clones of Xbox controller available in the market, and all this will stop working after the November 12 update.

Xbox Controller Clones

Xbox clone controllers cost 25 to 30% cheaper compared to the official one. They also do not carry the feel and features of the original controllers. Also if a controller is damaged it does not get repaired easily. Due to this users prefer to go with cheaper in some areas.

Most of these clone controllers work through simple Bluetooth connectivity. There are also gamepads, cameras, etc that can also be used with Xbox. The biggest issue is with the Racing Wheel, there are some companies that manufacture Xbox and PS-compatible Racing Wheels, Controllers, etc. This update can put them out of business.

As everything will be locked on the software level, Xbox will no longer detect or allow users to use unofficial accessories. However there is no fix for this yet, and this is now just restricted to the Xbox console. There are possibilities that Sony might also come out with the same thing. Ample of users do upgrade their storage to extend the gaming library. If it’s locked then users will have to buy expensive hardware upgrades from the official store only.

Rightnow what most of the Xbox users can do is keep old updates in the system. if they had recently purchased any expensive accessory for their Xbox console.