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Captain America, Black Panther Game from Amy Hennig Reveal Rumored Today

Captain America and Black Panther could be the protagonists of the new Marvel game.

In a few hours, the curtain will officially rise on Marvel’s new mysterious AAA game, created by Skydance and Amy Hennig, the author that PlayStation fans will remember for one of Naughty Dog’s most important IPs. According to a leak now, it seems that a new game featuring Captain America and Black Panther will be revealed today during the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase. Check out the complete details below.

Captain America, Black Panther Game Reveal Rumored Today

captain america, black panther game reveal rumored today

The creator of Uncharted, Amy Hennig, is said to be preparing a new adventure for the superheroes of the house of Ideas, even if we do not currently have a lot of information on the project.

We know that it will be an adventure with a narrative background, but to be able to find out more we will have to wait until 1 pm PT/4 pm ET/9 pm BST today on 9 September, when Disney and Marvel will be able to show it to us in detail in a new dedicated event.

Many fans had said they were convinced that the protagonists would have been The Fantastic 4 or Ant-Man, but according to a new rumor, the real protagonists could be really surprising and offer us a dip in the past.

In fact, a new leak suggests that Amy Hennig’s Marvel title would see Captain America and Black Panther as the main protagonists, fighting against the forces of Hydra.

If the indiscretion is confirmed, there would be a very good chance that it is a Black Panther other than T’Challa, given that everything would be set within the Second World War.

The indiscretion comes from the MCU Status Twitter account, which has already correctly anticipated a lot of information about the Marvel universe, but it could have been confirmed right now by a Eurogamer report.

In any case, the official announcement will arrive during the event scheduled for today evening, so it will be necessary to wait a few hours before finding out if the indiscretion is correct or not. In the meantime, we invite you to take the news with due precautions, but we will keep you promptly updated with all the latest and most important news.

Curiously, Amy Hennig’s title may not be the only upcoming Black Panther game, according to rumors from a well-known journalist. However, in the absence of official confirmation, we invite you to keep expectations low in this case as well.