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Call of Duty 2021 Release Window, Single Player, & More Details Confirmed by Activision

During the current business figures, Activision Blizzard gave the first official details of the Call of Duty 2021 series. In addition to the release window, the company confirmed, for example, a single-player and, unsurprisingly, also a multiplayer mode. It is also said that the game will be released for current and next-gen consoles.

Call of Duty 2021 release window, single-player, and more confirmed

Activision Blizzard was among the companies that this week released its annual report for the quarter ended June 30, 2021. In this, the publisher spoke, among other things, about the new Call of Duty 2021, which is currently being worked on by the Call of Duty: WW2 makers of Sledgehammer Games.

Those responsible at Activision Blizzard have not yet been able to elicit a specific name, but unsurprisingly confirmed that the release of the new Call of Duty will take place in the fourth quarter of 2021. Furthermore, the annual report speaks of a new premium experience that will come up with an “incredible amount of content,” an exciting setting, and long-term support.

“From a setting that our fans know and love, to an incredible amount of content in development including an extensive live ops schedule, we believe this release will be incredibly well-received,” said Activision Blizzard regarding the next Call of Duty chapter and confirmed a single-player campaign, a multiplayer and a co-op mode.

“In addition to launching a great seamless experience for both current and next-gen console players, we are focused on continuing to integrate Warzone and engage our direct relationship with our player base for even deeper content integration between the premium and free experiences and substantial innovation within Warzone itself. Our teams cannot wait to unveil what they have been working on.”

The president of Activision, Rob Kostich, also said the following regarding the single-player and multiplayer mode: “The studio itself has never been bigger or stronger, now with its teams in Foster City and Melbourne and also now in Toronto. And across all modes of play, across multiplayer, across campaign and across co-op, development is coming along really well and we’re going to be sharing those details with the community very soon.”

Unfortunately, the Californian publisher did not reveal when the official presentation of this year’s Call of Duty adventure, which will be likely called Call Of Duty WWII: Vanguard, can be expected.