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Bugsnax Update 1.06 With Save Game Transfer between PS5 & PS4 Available Now

The developer Young Horses has released the update 1.06 for Bugsnax. Among other things, it brings the save game transfer between PS4 and PS5 into the game.

The developer Young Horses has released a new update for Bugsnax which raises the title to 1.06 version. Part of the changes are dedicated to the transfer of save data. The ability to transfer save games online between the PS4 and PS5 versions of Bugsnax has been added.

The second change is also dedicated to the storage data. An additional fuse should ensure that they are protected from possible damage. And overwriting a saved game in the New Game screen now requires pressing a separate key to avoiding accidental deletion.

  • Added ability to transfer saves online between PS4 and PS5 skus of Bugsnax.
  • Added additional save data backup to protect against instances of potential save data corruption.
  • Dialogue text ‘Wait’ mode added to Settings->Game for extending text display time until button press.
  • Ability to change player fur color in Pause menu under Settings->Game during gameplay.
  • Ability to change screen shake intensity in Settings->Game.
  • Overwriting a save in the New Game screen now requires pressing a separate button to avoid accidental deletion.
  • Fix for master volume affecting some environmental sounds more than others.
  • Added statues to re-summon Legendary Bugsnax and replay them after completing the quest.
  • Improve reactiveness of Tripwire.
  • Player holding handnet animation now plays when approaching vulnerable snak.
  • Eggabell will now remain in Frosted Peak after completing her questline.
  • Updates to inaccurate journal descriptions and tags.
  • Assorted fixes for stuck Bugsnax/Grumpuses, lingering/missing objects, and other oddities.
  • Fix for bug paths not showing up in the Snax Scope if you scan and then quickly close the scope.
  • Fixes for some issues with Barn Donations.
  • Reduce Sodie spray particle count and translucency for performance gains.

Bugsnax was released on November 12, 2020, for PC (Epic Games Store), PS4, and PS5.