Activision Blizzard Will Not Dismiss Bobby Kotick; Will Stay on the Board for Another Year

After all the turmoil around Activision Blizzard, and his behavior, it seems that Bobby Kotick will remain exactly where he is.

There have been turbulent years for Activision Blizzard for a variety of reasons, including the events related to Bobby Kotick and his behavior. The Call of Duty publisher had to face not only the problems related to the management of Kotick, but also the consequences of the acquisition by Microsoft.

A maneuver that has not gone unnoticed in the financial world, and whose extent is so large as to be dangerous, so much so that Wall Street is betting against the acquisition.


Bobby Kotick Re-elected to the Board of Directors of Activision Blizzard

Bobby Kotick re-elected CEO of Activision Blizzard

The figure of Bobby Kotick has been decidedly controversial throughout this period and, in light of the allegations and the acquisition, his future was uncertain. At least until today.

Many were convinced that Kotick would be removed, taking advantage of the settlement due to the acquisition by Microsoft, giving a severance pay, and distancing himself.

Instead, as reported in the Annual Meeting of Stockholders, it seems that Bobby Kotick will remain exactly where he has been so far: on the board of directors of Activision Blizzard.

Shareholders voted to approve a report examining the company’s efforts in addressing harassment. Meanwhile, the group has also given the green light to board candidates, which also include Bobby Kotick.

This, therefore, thwarts the effort on the part of employees, other shareholders, and even right-wing groups to want Kotick to move away from the company.

Despite the testimonies, complete with evidence analyzed by the company, of Kotick’s toxic behavior for years and years against his employees, at least for another year, he will be present on the Activision Blizzard board of directors.

It’s a question of how Microsoft will react to everything. It is awaiting the final decision of the Federal Trade Commission, which is investigating the acquisition of Activision Blizzard for a record $68.7 billion.