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Bloodborne Remaster Will Release in 2021 on PS5, Insider Suggests

According to current rumors, a technically revised version of the dark action RPG Bloodborne Remaster is in development. If the information provided by an insider corresponds to the facts, the new edition will be released this year.

Bloodborne Remaster coming to PS5

In the past, there was a persistent rumor that a version of FromSoftware’s action role-playing game Bloodborne Remaster for the PlayStation 5 and the PC is currently being worked on. After this topic has become a little quieter in the past few weeks, an old acquaintance is now causing fresh speculation.

The talk is from the insider SoulsHunt, who reports that the remaster is indeed in development and should appear this year. The game will be supplied first on PlayStation 5, while the implementation for the PC will follow at a later date.

The insider also reports that we are dealing with an “ambitious” new edition that is not being produced by FromSoftware or Bluepoint Games, the studio behind the remake of Demon’s Souls.

As long as neither Sony Interactive Entertainment nor FromSoftware comments on this topic, the information provided by the insider should be viewed with the necessary caution for the time being. Should there be any official details about the possible remaster for Bloodborne, you will of course hear it from us immediately.

Bloodborne was originally released in 2015 exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and was created by the Dark Souls makers of FromSoftware.