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Bloodborne Is Being Remade as a PlayStation One Game by a Fan

Although many Bloodborne fans are eagerly awaiting the announcement of a sequel, or at least a remastered version for PlayStation 5, the souls-like dark fantasy developed by FromSoftware returns to be talked about thanks to a port on PlayStation One made by Lilymeister.

The girl in question has literally disassembled the game code to create an old-gen version of the highly appreciated work of the Japanese software house, documenting its progress on social media.

In the posts, which you can easily retrieve at the bottom of the article, the developer Lilith Walther describes step by step the techniques adopted to transform a high-resolution title into a low-polygon demake, allowing a modern-day game to work with 20 years old technology.

Nicknamed “Bloodborne PSX”, the version developed by Walther was created using the Unreal Engine as the graphics engine. Despite we are faced with 32-bit graphics, the famous character of the hunter is widely recognizable, not only thanks to his features (which have remained unchanged), but also thanks to the presence of the inevitable double equipment (firearm and melee).

Lilymeister has decided to take care of the project in detail, introducing in the demake, in addition to the loading screen, visual effects (blood splatters) and various levels, one of the most important elements of the game, namely the animation of death. At the moment the project is not yet finished and the developer plans to add a save and load system as well.

In addition, from the clips released by Walther, we can see how the hunter’s attacks no longer lead to the immediate death of enemies, but inflict a certain amount of damage, and the possibility of healing from the hits suffered has also been introduced.

At the moment we do not know that this PSX version of Bloodborne will ever see the light, and if we will ever see a sequel or even a remastered of the game on PlayStation 5, as FromSoftware is extensively committed to the development of Elden Ring.