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Bloodborne Producer Teruyuki Toriyama Officially Leaves Sony Interactive Entertainment

Teruyuki Toriyama officially leaves Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio, the manufacturer that since 1993 has made many of the most popular first-party titles of the Japanese company Sony. Toriyama has worked on several major IPs, including Bloodborne, Soul Sacrifice, and Demon’s Soul, the latter made in collaboration with Bluepoint Games.

These are increasingly difficult times for the Japanese company, which is thus deprived of another very important member of its team. To leave the Japanese division of Sony Interactive Entertainment was also Keiichiro Toyama, director of the first Silent Hill, Gravity Rush and Gravity Rush 2 who recently officially founded his own software house: Bokeh Game Studio; which now also includes two other former SEI employees and his collaborators: Kazunobu Sato and Junya Okura, currently working on a new horror title.

It is now therefore Teruyuki Toriyama to leave Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio in order to be part of a new company, whose name has not yet been revealed.

“I will be leaving SIE WWS JAPAN Studio at the end of Dec. To all the users who have supported JAPAN Studio so far, thank you so much! I will continue to take on the challenge of creating new game IPs in my new company, and I ask for your continued support.”

Is this losing hope for the next Bloodborne 2? Recent rumors spoke of news regarding a possible second chapter of the beloved FromSoftware title for Sony, a game that has made the works of H.P. Lovecraft a completely new, dynamic and lively reinterpretation.

Despite five years have passed since its release, Bloodborne is a game that continues to be talked about and of which the user is clamoring for a new chapter in order to return to hunt new prey. Despite the denials of a sequel, the fan base has never given up hope.