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Return To Moria Black Diamond Location – LOTR

Black Diamonds are rare and can be used to upgrade your camp in Return To Moria. Here is how to find this rare resource.

It is not easy to find a Black Diamond in Lord of the Rings Return to Moria. The very first requirement of this rare resource is to unlock the Fast Travel point. Later it can be found by killing bosses in Return to Moria. Here is a Return to Moria Orc Camp Location where you can find a chest with a Black Diamond.

Where to find Black Diamond in Return To Moria?

LOTR Return to Moria Black Diamond
Source: LOTR Return to Moria Game

Black Diamond is a random drop from Orcs and Goblin Camps. To find more play Horde Events, that can be unlocked by doing mining activities and creating noise. This will attract the attention of nearby enemies, thus starting a horde event. Kill all the attackers and you can earn up to three Black Diamonds in one event. But remember sometimes there can be zero drops also.

The Western Halls: Orctown

LOTR Return to Moria Black Diamond
Source: LOTR Return to Moria Game

On the Western Halls Map, there is a hidden Orctown. Refer to the map screenshot above to reach the exact spot. You will have to mine your way in and use some wooden platforms to climb up to reach the entrance of this Orctown. Travel to take down all the Orcs in the region.

Break the wooden doors and then destroy their flags. That will drop the key which is just on the right side of the flag pole. You can also break the chest, and collect the Black Diamonds and other items from the camp.

Tips to Farm Black Diamonds:

  1. Each boss fight can give you three Black Diamonds. There are a total of 8 Bosse, look for chest in the area.
  2. Focus on Horde Events, there is no 100% chance of getting Black Diamonds, just try out if you are not getting them anywhere else.
  3. Loot Orcs hideouts.

How to use Black Diamonds?

Black Diamonds are used to craft some of the best pick axes in Return of Moria. Also, they will be required items for repairing the camp and unlocking Mapstones. They are fast travel points that allow you to travel between camps.

So this was LOTR tricks on how to find Black Diamonds in Return of Moria. Focus on completing Mining objectives, as you mine and penetrate deeper into caves, you will create lose of noise. This will attract Orcs and Goblins and defeating them will let you harvest valuable resources in Return to Moria.