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Bethesda & Microsoft Xbox Event Planned for This Thursday

The purchase of the ZeniMax Media group by Microsoft is officially completed. It took several months before the deal was concluded (purely bureaucratic issues) and could give all the fans of the Redmond house, as well as the company in the first place, many new prestigious products that will go to the Xbox stable.

Among these, we obviously mention Bethesda as the most important company and some of the most important games such as The Elder Scrolls saga and that of Fallout. Such an important acquisition, worth 7.5 billion dollars, can only be put in the foreground.

According to the well-known journalist Jeff Grubb, in fact, in a few days, we should attend what will be the presentation event and not just the new subsidiary. According to the long list reported on his Twitter channel, which you can view at the bottom of the page, on March 11, there will be an event simply marked as Xbox/Bethesda.

The reason, if so, is obvious that it concerns all the news that the Xbox division will have to offer its players: from the new IPs in development to those that will almost certainly become exclusive, the entry of Bethesda and companions will surely make everyone happy.

Not just Jeff Grubb, but the Xbox UK page itself just tweeted a list of upcoming events for the week, including a TBA referring to this Thursday. All that remains is to wait a few hours, or at least a few days, before finding out what is cooking in the Microsoft offices.