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Best PS5 Controller With Paddles 2023

Here are three of the best controllers with paddles that you can buy in 2023.

The DualSense controller upon launch with the PS5 received quite a lot of praise for its design and innovations with the trigger button. However, even though it is an excellent product it does lack one functionality that a lot of third-party manufacturers seem to offer. This is the option of PS5 controllers with paddles. So it is only natural that you will want the best if you are looking to up your competitive game. If that is the case then this list should help you pick the right one for you.

3 Best PS5 Controllers With Paddles

3. PS5 Dualsense Edge
2. SCUF Reflex Pro
1. Victrix Pro BFG 

Here is why they are recommended and on this list.

3. PS5 DualSense Edge

PS5 DualSense Edge
Image Credits: PlayStation

If you are looking for an official controller then it can’t get better than this. The PS5 DualSense Edge is packed with customizable options. The most important and biggest thing it offers is the ability to buy separate thumbsticks which you can replace anytime very easily.

There is a ton of customization for example three modes for how the triggers work. This can be especially useful in FPS and Third-person shooter games. At the back, you also get two paddles. These are magnetic and you have two options when it comes to changing them. One is the standard long paddle while the other is a half dome. You can even replace the thumbstick caps.

If all that wasn’t enough these customization options come with the controller so you get extra thumbstick caps, paddles, and more. The only drawback is that compared to the other options, this controller only offers 2 paddles while the rest give 4. You can buy this controller for $199.99.

2. SCUF Reflex Pro

SCUF Reflex Pro
Image Credits: SCUF

If you have been looking around for Paddle controllers for a while now then this option won’t be a surprise. SCUF is quite well-known when it comes to custom controllers. For this list, however, we suggest going with the SCUF Reflex Pro. It weighs 300 grams.

Reflex Pro offers adaptive triggers and 8 hours of battery life. This version also has Vibration rumbles, while many may not prefer it, but having the feature is nice (especially for single-player story games), most games also let you disable it from settings if you don’t like it. The four paddles on the back are remappable. It has a non-slip grip on the back which is nice if you have long play sessions and your palms get sweaty.

Additionally, its website also offers you additional customization in terms of looks for the faceplate, touchpad, thumbsticks, and more. The Reflex Pro costs $219.99.

1. Victrix Pro BFG

Victrix Pro BFG Best PS5 Controller With Paddles
Image Credits: PDP Victrix

Probably the best controller on this list especially for fighting game players because it offers something both the previous ones on this list don’t do. To begin with, it comes with a Fightpad face. So if you are planning to participate in a SF6 or MK1 tournament, it has you covered.

But even if you don’t play Fighting games here is why you might like it. To begin with, you can move around both the face pieces. So essentially just rotate the left face piece to have the Xbox-style layout for your controller. Or replace the right piece with the Fightpad. Just like DualSense Edge, you do get thumbstick cap options. They include short domed caps or long concave caps. You can even customize its D-pad.

To make things better it offers both wired and wireless modes. This controller costs $179.99.

That’s it for the best PS5 controllers with paddles. If you are looking for more such recommendations, then also check out our lists of the best gaming headphones and gaming monitors.