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Steam Next Fest – List Of Best Playable Demos 2024

Here's our ultimate list of the best playable demos during the Steam Next Fest for 2024.

With the first Steam Next Fest of 2024 finally here, you can have access to a plethora of playable demos going live early. Valve’s week-long Fest goes until February 12, and many players are confused over getting their hands on the best titles. Out of these hundred demos in Steam Next Fest, only a few of them caught our attention. We have compiled a list of the best demos ranging from different genres.

But before we start, you can head to the full lineup of the Steam Next Fest here for more insight. You can find out the entire catalog of games over there. However, the below ultimate list offers our recommendations for the best playable titles for the fest. So, here’s everything you need to know.

Best Steam Next Fest Playable Demos for 2024

Harold Halibut

Inspired by the Moebius art, Harold Halibut is a hand-crafted narrative game that follows the adventures of Harold. As a stop-motion adventure game, this title is all about friendship and life. It is all about exploring life on a city-sized spaceship that is submerged in an alien ocean. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? We loved the visuals and the vibrant retro-futuristic aesthetics throughout the game.

Best Steam Next Fest Playable Demos
Image Source – Steam


Out of all the games, Indika could be the most anxiety-inducing title on this list. Being a story-driven third-person game, Indika revolves around the story of a young nun. Set in an alternative Russia of the late XIX century, this game shows a conflict between religious visions and the harsh reality. As she sets on her journey of self-discovery, discover the beauty of the snowy landscapes of Russia. If you love games that involve unsettling and uncomfortable experiences, this might be a perfect match for you.

Pacific Drive

Pacific Drive’s playable demo is an exceptional addition to the Steam Next Fest. While first announced during Sony’s State of Play previously, Pacific Drive is coming to Steam and Epic Games Store this year. Be ready to face the ultimate supernatural at play as you explore the dangers of the Olympic Exclusion Zone. The Pacific Drive is a rogue-like driving survival game as you try to survive the dangers.

Best Steam Next Fest Playable Demos 2024
Image Source – Steam

Mullet Mad Jack

Bringing the classic old days of FPS games back, Mullet Mad Jack is a fast-paced single-player inside an anime. Power up your characters and reach the last floor to beat your best time as you fight your enemies. Like the iconic and classic games, your health is time and you must kill more enemies to earn more time. And the best part? Every stage is randomly generated with exciting new hurdles along the way.

Best Steam Next Fest Playable Demos 2024
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Synergy is a city-building game where the citizens are thrown to survive a strange yet mesmerizing and unforgiving environment. As you build a city and broaden your horizons, you must adapt and thrive in a suitable environment. Since the well-being of your citizens is paramount, you need to discover unknown worlds for resources and expand your city.

That’s everything covered about the best Steam Next Fest playable demos for 2024. If you enjoyed reading and found this helpful, explore more Gaming-related content in our dedicated section right here on TechnClub.