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Best Nintendo DS Emulators for PC to Play Pokemon Games

Download the best Nintendo DS Emulators for free and play it on your Windows now. Download DeSmuME emulator to play Pokemon games on your PC.

Are you looking to play Nintendo DS games on your PC such as Pokemon DS? You will be glad to know that you can play Nintendo DS games on your PC with various Nintendo DS emulators that I have listed below. You can run games like Pokemon Games, Metroid Prime Hunters, etc. Any games that support the platform can be played via emulator on Windows 10 PC.  I have collected the best Nintendo DS emulators for Windows PC for you.

Best Nintendo DS Emulators for PC in 2022 to play Pokemon game

Even if it is complicated to play the Nintendo DS games on PC (because o the absence of the touch, which should be replaced with the mouse), many users find it interesting to relive some games thanks to their Windows computer. You can also find many alternatives to Nintendo DS emulators. In any case, check out the most recommended Nintendo DS emulators below.

1. DeSmuME

desmume nintendo ds emulator

If you want to play Nintendo DS games from a PC, then the best solution for you is DeSmuME which is undoubtedly the best Nintendo DS emulator for Windows that exists. Available for download and also compatible with Windows 10 and Mac, a small window (which you can enlarge) will be projected on your computer screen that will simulate the Nintendo DS games. To interact with the secondary screen of the emulated Nintendo DS, just use your mouse and keyboard. It is very easy to use DeSmuME and there is no need to play with the settings (unless you want to change certain settings). You just have to go to File located at the top and then open ROM. After that select the ROM of the Nintendo DS game you want to emulate.

2. Citra

citra nintendo ds emulator

The first Nintendo 3DS emulator to arrive on PC was Citra. For a long time, Citra has also proved to be one the best 3DS emulator currently available till now. It also has the ability to run virtually all ROMs containing games for the famous DS in three dimensions. This Nintendo 3DS emulator works great and allows you to play various games like The Legend of Zelda and Pokemon games in high resolutions up to 4K with excellent graphics. Citra is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. In order for Citra to work correctly, you must also have OpenGL version 3.3 or higher installed on your PC.

3. OpenEmu

openemu nintendo ds emulator

OpenEmu emulator works with almost all videos games (Super Nintendo, Sega Mega Drive, Nintendo 64, Gameboy, Sega Saturn, PlayStation, and much more) but performs excellently as a Nintendo DS emulator. It is also very simple to download and install this emulator. To download OpenEmu, just go to the official website and download the dmg package. After the installation is complete, you can open the emulator with the right button, continue with the various settings, and at the end, you can start enjoying your Nintendo DS ROMs on your computer.

4. RetroArch

retroarch nintendo ds emulator

RetroArch is an open-source project and therefore it is available for free. It also uses a powerful development interface called Libretro. This will allow you to install modules called “cores” with which it is possible to emulate many consoles, including Nintendo DS. But note that, these cores are not pre-installed, so you will have to go to “Online Updater > Core Updater” from within the application and download the ‘cores’ for the Nintendo DS. At this point, RetroArch will be able to emulate NDS games and you can start playing games by indicating the folder to the application in which the Nintendo DS ROMs that you have previously downloaded are stored.


no$gba nintendo ds emulator

If you do not like DeSmuME, you can always try its alternative called NO$GBA. It is a very good Nintendo DS emulator with a similar operation to the one seen previously, that is DeSmuME. You can also use the emulator to play GBA (Game Boy Advance) games but to work properly with Nintendo DS games you should use the following configuration mentioned below:

  • Emulation Speed: Auto Realtime;
  • Reset/Startup Entrypoint: Start cartridge directly
  • Video Output: 24 bit
  • 3D renderer: No cash
  • GBA mode: VGA
  • NDS cartridge Backup: Flash 512k
  • Sound Output: Digital Stereo
  • Sound Desired Sample Rate: Low
  • Multiboot port: None
  • Multiboot Normal: Medium
  • Link GamePacks: in all GBA

6. WinDS Pro

winds pro nintendo ds emulator

WinDS Pro is a software that contains 4 emulators that will allow you to play all your Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance games on your PC. It is a completely free and downloadable program on any PC, no installation processes are required and everything can even be saved on a common USB stick. It is recommended to all portable console videogame enthusiasts who want to live the old gaming experience of the Nintendo DS using the PC. With quality graphics and perfect sound WinDS Pro is an excellent emulator that has been excellently programmed.

That is everything you need to know about the best Nintendo DS emulators for PC. While you are here, do not forget to check out the list of Best YouTube Video Downloaders.