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Battlefield 2042 BattleHub Game Mode With Classic Maps Leaked

According to current rumors, Battlefield 2042 will get a new game mode called BattleHub or Battlefield Hub. Classic Battlefield maps could celebrate a comeback here in a revised version.

Battlefield 2042 BattleHub Game Mode Leaked

A few days ago Electronic Arts and the developers of DICE officially announced the shooter Battlefield 2042 for the consoles and the PC. After it was pointed out in the course of the official announcement that we are dealing with a pure multiplayer experience in the title, the well-known leaker and insider Tom Henderson brought up another mode in a recent video.

This should be called BattleHub or Battlefield Hub and help classic maps of the Battlefield series to make a comeback in a revised format.

Commenting on the game mode in question, Henderson stated: “[Battlefield Hub] is going to contain remasters of maps from old Battlefield titles. It’s going to be [maps] on the Battlefield 2042 engine. The movement and stuff like that is going to be exactly the same, but you’re essentially playing on a remastered map with different weapons and vehicles from past Battlefield titles.”

The insider continues: “The majority of the maps will be 64-players only, but the Battlefield Hub will support up to 128 players on current-gen consoles and PC. It will just depend on the map. 64-players only on last-generation consoles, which confirms to me as well that this Battlefield Hub will be coming on both past and current-gen consoles.”

A few days ago, the makers of DICE pointed out that Battlefield 2042 will be provided with a completely new game mode, which will be understood as “a love letter to our core fans.” It is quite possible that we are dealing with the Battlefield Hub mode here.

Battlefield 2042 will be released on October 22, 2021, for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.