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BattleCat Is Ubisoft’s New Splinter Cell, The Division and Ghost Recon Game

The first images of a new Ubisoft IP, called BattleCat, would have been leaked on the net, which should be a mix between Splinter Cell, Ghost Reckon, and The Division.

Although there is very little time left for Ubisoft Forward, an event to be held at E3 2021 on Saturday 12 June at 12:00 PM PT, in the last few hours a leak would have revealed, complete with images, the next multiplayer PvP game of the Parisian giant.

According to information shared on Twitter by the user Zer0Bytes, the company’s new project would be BattleCat (codename) and would combine elements of the most famous Ubisoft franchises, including Splinter Cell, Ghost Reckon: Breakpoint, and The Division itself.

But that is not all. As can be seen from the shared images below, it allows us to take a closer look at the possible playable characters of the company’s new IP, such as Echelon from Splinter Cell, Wolves from Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and Outcasts from The Division.

Each character class will feature its own unique ability; radar, additional armor, or even a Divine inventory in the case of the Outcasts. The latter element would prevent nearby allies from dying for a limited time.

In addition, according to what emerged from the tweet, BattleCat will have at least two game modes. The Escort mode, which requires attackers to escort a parcel to a delivery area. Clearly, the defenders will have the task of stopping them.

As for the Ringleader mode, the latter will allow users to clash with other players with the aim of collecting rings from defeated opponents. According to the leaker’s words, the test phase of the game would begin in January.

While waiting to find out more about the story, and what surprises the French giant will have in store for us, we remind you that the Ubisoft Forward will be held on Saturday 12 June.