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How to download Apex Legends on Mobile?

Want to try out this amazing battle royale game on your android device then here is the download link.

Apex Legends is a battle royale game that is announced for mobile. If you are looking for Apex Legends Android mobile download then you are on the right page. I am going to share with you a direct download link where you have to pre-register first, and once it is officially out you can download and test this game. Till yet android devices have limited battle royale game which includes Fortnite and COD. Bigger names like Valorant, Apex Legends are also coming on smartphones. Here is your chance to play the Apex Legends Android version first.

Download Apex Legends for Android

Go to the below download link to visit Google Play Store. Apex Legends for Android is under pre-registration and will be coming out soon. Open the link on your device and make sure you go to Play Store. Tap on Pre-register and done, whenever the beta edition is out you will get that on your devices. I am also sharing some Apex Legends Android screenshots that reveal how the game will look on smartphones.

Apex Legends Apk Download

Apex Legends Android Screenshot

Apex Legends Android Screenshot

Apex Legends Android Screenshot

It is recommended you avoid any third-party sites to download Apex Legends for Android. Many apk files have security issues and in this guide, the download link belongs to Google Play Store. From where you can download the official copy of the game once it is out. The game is under pre-registration where you will have to apply for testing.

Apex Legends Android beta is coming later this month in India. Testing of the same will also start in the Philippines. So do not forget to pre-register first and we will be soon updating you about Apex Legends’ official release date.