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Amazon Is Reportedly Set To Buy Electronic Arts

According to some GLHF sources, Amazon is all set to acquire Electronic Arts.

Update: CNBC has just reported that Amazon is not planning to make a bid for EA.

Original Story: GLHF has reported that today Amazon is reportedly planning to buy Electronic Arts, the publisher of Apex Legends, FIFA, Battlefield, Need for Speed, Dead Space, and other games. The announcement is also supposed to be made today. Check out the complete details below.

Amazon Set To Buy Electronic Arts

amazon to buy electronic arts

Taking over entire publishers is no longer uncommon these days. We’ve seen Microsoft do it with Bethesda and the deal with Activision is still winding down. Electronic Arts is also a very large party and there is a chance that they too will be taken over.

According to GLHF sources, Amazon will make an announcement today that it has filed a formal offer with Electronic Arts, as per some sources close to the USA Today website. There have been rumors for some time that EA will be bought with Apple, Disney, and Amazon as possible buyers. According to USA Today, Amazon would have actually made an offer.

An acquisition in itself would not be surprising, given that EA has interesting franchises that Amazon can do more with. Think of releasing TV series on Amazon Prime.

The writer on the site (Kirk McKeand) believes that EA’s acquisition will allow Amazon to expand its portfolio with movies and series based on popular franchises like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Dead Space, among other things. Deadline previously reported that Amazon is interested in an episodic adaptation of Mass Effect and is preparing to close a deal.

The details of the merger between Amazon and EA have not yet been specified, however, apparently, there will be no changes in the leadership of the game publisher, and its internal studios will continue to work on their projects.

The amount of the deal between Amazon and EA is unknown. Officially, the purchase should be announced today August 26. Whether it’s true remains to be seen, but if so, we’ll hear more later today.