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Amazon Games Opens New Montreal Studio, Working on a AAA Multiplayer Game

In Montreal, Canada, Amazon Games founded another studio that will work on a new AAA multiplayer game. In the course of founding the studio, several well-known industry veterans who bring the relevant expertise were signed up.

As those responsible at Amazon Games announced, the company was not discouraged by the commercial failure of Crucible and founded a new development studio in Montreal, Canada.

Amazon Games would like to make another attempt in the field of multiplayer shooters and it is working on a completely new game. Various industry veterans, who in the past worked on the long-lived tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege were hired by Montreal when the studio was founded, and they will provide the necessary expertise.

The founding members of the Canadian studio include Luc Bouchard (Production Manager), Xavier Marquis (Creative Director), Alexandre Remy (Head of Product), and Romain Rimokh (Content Director), who will be working on the new multiplayer shooter game. According to its own information, Amazon Games wants to underpin its own commitment in the field of video games by founding a studio in Montreal and provide users with high-quality experiences.

“From our first discussion, we felt a true connection with the people at Amazon Games, their approach to gaming and the sheer amount of knowledge, expertise and technology available there. It is quite humbling and we couldn’t be more excited to start a studio with them,” said creative director Xavier Marquis, commenting on the studio’s founding.

Further details and statements on this topic can be found on the official website. Unfortunately, it has not been revealed when the new shooter title will be revealed.