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Alan Wake 2 Mods – Best Mods You Can Try Now

Here are some mods recommedation for Alan Wake 2, try out these to add new flavor to the game.

Alan Wake 2 is stunning and dark, this game brings an exciting adventure of two characters shuffling between light and dark. Also, the game is full of mysteries, twists and turns. If you have done playing this game and want to play it again then try out some of these Alan Wake 2 mods to add new flavor to the game.

Best PC Mods For Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 Mods Guide

The game has not got a lot of mods, but a few of them. Most of them work on fixing graphical issues. Here is a short list of mods and how to use them.

  1. Alan Wake 2 77 Mod – Improve the color tone of the game.
  2. Alan Wake 2 DLSS HQ Sharp Mod (Reshad) – Get a sharp and crispier image if you are using DLSS.
  3. Simple Realistic 3D for Alan Wake 2 – It will improve the game shading, increase brightness, and more.
  4. AW2 – Plus & Extras Mod – Use this mode to customize FOV, HDR, remove depth of field, etc.

As yet there are no mods that let to change the main game character. Most of the mods focus on improving or optimizing the graphic settings. You can also check our Alan Wake 2 Cheats guide, where you can get info on cheat codes and trainers for the game. One that can offer you unlimited health, ammo, and more. Using a decent cheat engine will remove the struggle of finding supplies.

With this, there are a few more mods that can bring more advanced graphic options. Reward you with an FPS boost or add next-gen color shading. But most of them are unstable. The list of the above mods is from Nexusmods.com, you can visit the site and check for new updates. In case the game crashes after installing the mod just re-install it using Steam.

Alan Wake 2 download size is huge, approx 80GB, so make sure you make changes when it is needed. When you find the right mod, any extra changes can affect the game’s stability. For which reinstalling the game is the only final option left. So this was all about mods in Alan Wake 2, for more help hit the link to check out the game guide section.