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Alan Wake 2 All Lunch Box Locations Guide: How To Find Every Lunch Box?

Alan Wake 2 has over 21 Casey Lunch Boxes that are hidden in various places. In this guide you can find chapter wise map location of every lunch box in the game.

Alan Wake 2 has different types of collectibles, and Casey’s Lunch Box is one of them. The game has a total of 21 lunch boxes in different places. Collecting them all will reward you with a Secret Stash Alan Wake 2 trophy. You can find supplies in these lunch boxes, and materials to upgrade weapons. Also by finding all you will solve the case of who is leaving behind the same. There are a total of 8 Lunch Boxes in the Cauldron Lake area, 6 in the Watery region, and 7 in Bright Falls. So here is the map-wise lunch box location in Alan Wake 2.

Here are all 21 Lunch Box Locations in Alan Wake 2

Before you start with the same, it is necessary to unlock the Bolt Cutter. The tool is found in Return 5 – Old Gods. This will be required in later stages, while Lunch Boxes are kept in outdoor regions in the initial chapters of Alan Wake 2. Also below is the list of items you will find in every lunch box.

Claudron Lake – 7 Lunch Boxes

You will unlock this map during Return 1 – Invitation, as you explore the objective more map regions will be unlocked. This area has in total 7 Lunch Boxes, and here are their locations. Collect them all before moving to the next region.

  • Lunch Box 1 – 2x Manuscript Fragments.
  • Lunch Box 2 – 1 Manuscript Fragment.
  • Lunch Box 3 – 1 Manuscript Fragment.
  • Lunch Box 4 – 3 Manuscript Fragment.
  • Lunch Box 5 – 2 Manuscript Fragment.
  • Lunch Box 6 – 9 Manuscript Fragment.
  • Lunch Box 7 –

Lunch Box 1 Map Location:

Alan Wake 2 Lunch Box 1 Location

The first one is extremely easy to find. It is located in the north-end corner of the Cauldron Lake location. Go to the marked map location as shown in the image above and walk towards the left-hand corner of the woods. The first Lunch box is on the ground.

Lunch Box 2 Map Location:

Alan Wake 2 Lunch Box 2 Location

Alan Wake 2 Lunch Box 2 Location

The second is in the forest area, just walk towards the road as shown in the map screenshot above. Then turn right after seeing a huge rock. There is a dead end ahead, the lunch box is on the ground inside a small hole near the rocks.

Lunch Box 3 Map Location:

Alan Wake 2 Lunch Box 3 Location

The third one is located in the eastern region of Witch’s hut. Look for a wooden cabin, and take the road on its left. Cross the small wooden bridge and look for a chair in the wood. Turn right after finding the chair and check on the ground for the third Alan Wake 2 Lunch Box.

Lunch Box 4 Map Location:

Alan Wake 2 Lunch Box 4 Location

In the camp area, check near the left-hand corner of the wooden fence. Or just look on the left-end corner of the tenet, the box in the ground.

Lunch Box 5 Map Location:

Alan Wake 2 Lunch Box 5 Location

The fifth lunch box of the Cauldron Lake region is kept on the backside of the station. Follow the map location as shown above and walk behind the cabin. Check on the rocks, for the fifth Alan Wake 2 Lunch box.

Lunch Box 6 Map Location:

Alan Wake 2 Lunch Box 6 Location

The sixth lunch box is hidden in the rocks near the small flowing stream. Walk towards the north side of the marked location in the map screenshot above. Look for a dead end, and then check the left rocky area, for the lunch box.

Lunch Box 7 Map Location:

Alan Wake 2 Lunch Box 7 Location

For the next Lunch Box location you will have to travel to the north end corner of the map towards Witchfinder’s station. Just look for a wooden chair that might be on the left end side or on the back of the cabin. You have to take a right turn from their facing the chair. Keep looking on the left side of the narrow path that leads into the forest area.

Lunch Box 8 Map Location:

Alan Wake 2 Lunch Box 8 Map Location

For the last and final lunch box in Claudron Lake region go towards the west side and look for Rental Cabins. As you cross the gate of the cabin, take the second stairs from the entrance. Go inside the house and look at the small desk on the right of the exit. You will be able to see the last lunch box after crossing the chairs. Collect it and you are done with all Alan Wake 2 Lunch Boxes in the Cauldron Lake Region.

We will keep on updating new Alan Wake 2 Lunch box Locations in this guide. So stay tuned and visit us back.