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Actor Leaks He’s Playing ‘Ratcliffe’ In The New Call of Duty 2024 Game

An actor said he has begun work on playing the lead character for Call of Duty 2024, which will be set in modern warfare.

We return to talk about Call of Duty 2024 thanks to one of the voice actors who reveals his involvement, advancing the speculation of the Gulf War settings as a war background for the shooter. Check out the complete details below.

Actor Leaks To Be In The New Call of Duty 2024 Game

Actor Leaks He's Playing ‘Ratcliffe’ In The New Call of Duty 2024 Game

While Modern Warfare 2 continues to give satisfaction to fans of the saga, it’s also time to find out what will become of the future of the franchise. Because the Call of Duty that should come out this year seems to have already been revealed to someone, even NBA players, as can be seen in the Tweet below.

As far as Call of Duty 2024 is concerned, however, the information is very little if not there were some rumors that have followed one another in recent months. But unlike what emerged some time ago, the next year’s COD to be released should not be set in conjunction with operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, but during the conflict that marked the 90s.

According to reports, Luke Charles Stafford will star in the title role of Call of Duty 2024, presumably set in the Gulf War. He recently declared it through his Instagram profile (with a post that is currently unreachable), also adding a reference to the Black Ops saga and the fact that he is a fan.

“Activision decided to adapt their next main character, ‘Ratcliffe’ for CALL OF DUTY off of my face/likeness, and I am elated,” declared Stafford said. “To all of my college roommates back at @andersonuniversity and those years in @smithhallau playing Black Ops II… Next year, we can beat the snot out of each other again, but I want to play as me.”

Let’s hope official information arrives soon in this sense, even before the game makes it way to the Xbox Game Pass, as per Microsoft’s victory against the FTC to buy Activision Blizzard.