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Is Abandoned Linked To Silent Hill or Metal Gear Solid Game? A New Teaser Ignites Hope

Until a few weeks ago, the developers of Abandoned insisted that they are not connected to Hideo Kojima, while the latest image directly refers to the Metal Gear Solid series. Another speculation arises in which it seems that the production is combined with the same Japanese developer.

Is Abandoned a new Silent Hill or Metal Gear Solid game?

This week, Blue Box Game Studios will reveal details about their new upcoming game Abandoned with The Realtime Experience – the download of the application will start on Thursday, and the first trailer will be released a few days later.

After the huge buzz and many assumptions, it could be assumed that the interest in the title had slightly diminished, but recently the publication of one indistinct blurry image was enough for players to discuss the authors of the game again.

A blurry image of the title and platform appeared on the official Twitter account of Abandoned (the application will only be available on PS5), and in the background, we can probably see a man with an eye patch. There is also a blurred text that should represent the final name of the game or the developers responsible for the project.

Fans automatically linked the image to the Metal Gear Solid franchise, leading to another series of speculations about the studio, production, and their relationship with Hideo Kojima. There is no doubt that the team’s initiatives are planned and serve for only one purpose: to increase the interest in the upcoming presentation.

It should be emphasized that the protagonist of Metal Gear Solid series Snake had a blindfold on his other eye, but the players drew another theory – the hero of Abandoned is looking in the mirror when he sees his reflection.

In reference to the inscription, several suggestions are made – all of them are related to Hideo Kojima or Silent Hill: