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Abandoned Is “Not Really Open World Anymore,” Developer Confirms

The director of Blue Box Studios, Hasan Kahraman, said many things about the mysteries surrounding his title Abandoned, the game linked by many players to Silent Hill.

Abandoned is not really open-world anymore

In the last few months, Abandoned for PS5 has also been linked to Hideo Kojima and Metal Gear Solid, in an overwhelming conspiracy theory that has spread on the web.

The title is very far from a release but has already had its many controversies, like as the patch necessary for the application through which the trailers and a playable prologue will be shared – but which, for now, has only provided the same, short teaser shown on its official Twitter account of Blue Box.

Hasan Kahraman finally took some of his time to clarify the multiple cases that broke out around Abandoned, and he did so in an interview with NME. “Abandoned is a shooter/survival game he explained. It has some horror elements in it but it’s not really a horror game. It’s not what people think – that it’s Silent Hill,” Kahraman said.

In the same interview, the details regarding the story and gameplay have been confirmed, in particular, which lead him to say that it is neither a Silent Hill nor a Metal Gear. Kahraman finally admitted that the game will actually be a survival, not a survival horror, and that he has set aside its open-world dimension in favor of a linear production.

“At first, we said it was going to be an open world game. But with the high-quality graphics we have now, we had to sacrifice that,” added Kahraman. “It’s not really open world anymore – it’s a linear story.”

In every aspect, the relationship of trust between players began to break down, simply because this definitely does not justify the accusations and bizarre theories regarding the game.