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Abandoned: New Details On Settings & More Revealed In The Interview of Hasan Kahraman

In these recent hours, Hasan Kahraman, or the only developer that is known to us from the Abandoned development team (or Blue Box Game Studios), has granted himself in a substantial interview on the occasion of the Arab podcast Al-Hub, talking about the game’s settings and more. This interview was made public this morning and we are ready to analyze it together, so that we can get to know new and succulent details of this highly anticipated and much talked about IP.

Abandoned: New Details on Settings Revealed, Features Horrifying Scenes

Starting with the due order, it is right to clarify that Abandoned for PS5 was already announced last April and, since then, there have been numerous rumors around the title. The public has raised many doubts about Abandoned, wondering (legitimately) if it was a video game linked to Silent Hill or to Hideo Kojima.

Hasan Kahraman’s interview started with a question about Blue Box Game Studios’ past and the answer was as follows:

In the past, we’ve worked on smaller games, and we’ve done some outside help as well. And in 2015, we worked on Rewind: Voices From The Past which was exclusive to PS4 and also targeted on PC and we pitched the project to Sony and then started working with them.

Then questioned about the various rumors inherent in a possible collaboration with Hideo Kojima, Kahraman expressed himself as follows:

You have no idea, it was really crazy and had a negative effect even on the development process with a lot of distractions, but I’m sure people will really like Abandoned, we believe in the game, and I still think people will like it.

Here then the interviewer shifts the focus of the interview to the real nature of the video game, asking him what exactly it is:

Abandoned is a first-person shooter, but in a realistic environment with some horror elements as well, but it’s not quite a horror game like Resident Evil or Silent Hill but there are horrifying scenes in it.

The game has Realistic Game Interactions, and this is a system that we created ourselves, which is basically the way you interact with other characters and the world looks very realistic. And we’ve created an advanced Motion Capture system.

The way you shoot is different and not like Call Of Duty, it’s realistically slow. For example, there is no HUD, but there are movements of the character through which she can communicate with the player. So if you want to check your ammo, you have to do a manual ammo check.

And if your weapon is empty, you’ll feel it through the Haptic Feedback and hear the sound of metal through the Playstation 5 Daulsense controller.

Finally, following a provocation by the interviewer, Hasan has revealed a brand new and unprecedented detail: the game will be set in a particularly “deserted place in America, a place long lived by a community – a sect.”

Recall that tomorrow we will finally be able to admire the first Abandoned gameplay, which will allow us to better understand what it is, a game whose expectations have been inflated both by those who expected a new Silent Hill and by the team itself and with its intense clues.