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How To Turn On DJI Mini 3 Pro & Prepare For First Flight?

Here is DJI Mini 3 Pro initial setup guide. If you have just bought the drone, then read the pointers in this article to make sure you everything is setup before first flight.

DJI Mini 3 Pro is shipped in Sleep Mode, first charging is required, and later comes the setup part. The drone is folded and packed. You will have to unfold the arms properly before using them. There is a gimbal protector cover on the front side, removing that will reveal the front camera area. DJI Mini Pro has two types of remote controllers, one is DJI RC-N1 and the second is the new DJI RC with LCD Touch Screen. This guide focuses on the new type of controller setup.

How To Charge & Turn On DJI Mini 3 Pro?

DJI Mini 3 Pro is charged by a USB Type-C charger. The box pack does not have a charger, you will get a Type-C USB cable that you can attach to a standard 30Watt brick and charge the drone. To learn more about DJI Mini 3 Pro Battery Life, Battery Replacement, and the Best 30Watt Type-C charger refer to the link below or you can skip and continue with DJI Mini 3 Pro first-time setup.

Press the Power Button Once and then Press + Hold it for a few seconds. The battery lights will glow up bright which means DJI Mini 3 Pro is turned on.

DJ Mini 3 Pro Power Button

Press the Power Button on the new DJI RC remote to turn on the remote controller. Select Language and Region and then connect to Wifi. Run the first firmware update if any and done. The drone camera view will be visible on the DJI RC remote screen. If you have an older RC controller then you can link your smartphone to the controller.

How To Charge DJI Mini 3 Pro?

DJ Mini 3 Pro Charger Cable

DJI Mini Pro 3 supports Fast Charging. You can use a 30Watt Type-C Fast Charger to charge the drone. It will offer you up to 47 minutes of flying capacity once fully charged. The battery is placed on the backside that can be removed easily just by pressing the button on the left side. Press and pull and the battery is out, you can carry multiple batteries. DJI Mini Pro 3 flies on a 2453mAH battery. It promises 47 minutes of max flight but based on different scenarios you can expect around 35 to 38 minutes of max flying power from the battery. The best is to take it 30 minutes and call the drone back to the landing. This sounds less, but due to the lightweight design DJI Mini Pro 3 cannot integrate a bigger-size battery.

DJI Mini Pro 3 Battery Cost $95 and it offers 47 minutes of max flight time. The same can offer 51 minutes of flight time with DJI Mini 3 Done. You can buy replacement batteries directly from the manufacturer’s website.