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Top Free AI Translation Software – Six Online AI Translators (June 2023)

AI Translator or AI Translation software helps users to get accurate text consturction from any language. In this article you can find list of best AI tools that can help you to translate any text into your regional language.

AI Translation Software or AI Translator are tools powered by Artificial Intelligence that can instantly convert any text from any language to different languages. For example, you can convert French News to Engish News using AI Translator. You can also convert an Arabic Article to English Article with proper grammar and sentences. The same works on the opposite side, non-English users can convert English text content into French, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, Chinese, etc. AI Translator can help you to get accurate text translation without damaging the tone of the content. Before AI, translator tools just work on the basis of word translation. But now thanks to AI-powered algorithms, there is more than 90% accuracy in text translation. As there are many AI translators online, this article had picked six of the best online AI Translation software. They are free to use and can translate entire articles within seconds.

Before we start with the list of AI Langauge Translators, here is a short list of which ones are included in the list. They are the best ones due to many reasons. Many of them are free to use, come with high Translation Accuracy, provide accurate grammar correction, and more. You can also read the list of languages supported by AI Translation tools. Also, some tools provide summarizing. That means if you are not in the mood of reading the entire article you can ask the Online AI Translator to summarize the source language in your target language. It will create a short para with important info only. Proofreading is another add-on feature of online AI Translators, where if you are learning a new language you can put the text content for correction.


AI Translator Tools Add-On Features
WordAdvice.ai Proofreading & Summarize (Addon Feature)
Bing Translator Realtime Speech Translation support.
Quillbot Grammar & Plagiarism Check, Citation Generator, etc.
SmartCat Contextual, Configurable & GPT-4 AI translation.
DeepL 31 Langauge Support and feature to Export to pdf, docx, and pptx.
TextCortex AI Assistant with the browser extension
Google Translate Simplest AI Translator Tool

1. WordAdvice.AI:

WordAdvice AI Text Translator

WordAdvice offers AI Text Translation into five languages. They are Korean, English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. It has a simple UI and the free version provides 500 characters limit. It also comes with Summarize and proofreading feature. Where you can insert text content of up to 500 words and get an accurate translation. WordAdvice has a premium plan where at $19.95 Per Month you can access 5,000 words/submission and 1,000,000 words/month. The free version provides 500 words/submission and 5,000 words/month.

2. Bing Translator:

Bing Translator

Bing AI Translator provides free Online AI Translation for up to 100+ languages. It has the most extensive set of language lists, where you can just translate your text into any popular language worldwide. Bing AI Translator also supports regional language translation, so it is much more effective than other free AI tools. Microsoft Translator is a dedicated App that works in a similar manner but has more features. For example, you can get a translation of real-time conversation, documented, street signs, etc. The app is available on mobile phone that can be used to translate anything directly via Camera.

3. Quillbot:

Quillbot AI Translator


Quillbot is a complete writing tool, it provides more than AI Translation. You can use this tool for grammar checks, for plagiarism, and even for generating summaries of large content. Quillbot extension is also available for Microsoft Word, Chrome, and MacOS. Users don’t need to rely on only one platform, they can install the extension and use it on the desktop. It can also provide accurate translation for languages like Malay, Persian, Urdu, etc. Some of these regional language translations are not available from other AI Text Translators.

4. Smartcat:

Smartcat AI Translator

Looking for a professional AI Text Translator then try out Smartcat. You can upload an entire document to the AI translator and get the full file translated into the target language. It is a sign-up-only tool where you can pick from hundreds of local and popular languages. Smartcat has a lit of extensive languages that is quiet hard to find in other AI translators.

So these are some of the best AI Text Translator tools. Ample of them are free to use, and this article will be updated with more amazing tools and their feature in the coming month. We are still testing out the features and limitations of AI Translators. Till then you can check a few more articles on AI Tools.