During the world’s largest fighting games tournament EVO (Las Vega), a PS5 defect was detected, which is quite an expensive damage.

Expensive damage has been noticed during the event, where PS5 USB sports were reported to be melting and coming out.

PS5 has a single USA-A port in the front and two in the back. Players connected their controllers to the back side of the USB that is near the heat exhaust.

Because PS5 was used throughout the day, the heat from the back caused the USB ports to melt.

The plastic inside the USB port melted and stuck to the controller cables, some of it just came out.

Is this due to defective PS5 hardware or defective cables?

It is also reported that some of these consoles were using unlicensed converters, which has caused the PS5 USB melting issue.

The actual issue is yet to be addressed!